SK Panasonic© PTZ Control Software License


Software License to enable Panasonic© PTZ control for MS XL mkII SK


To meet our clients' expectations, we incorporated the Panasonic PTZ protocol into our new Ethernet system.
Thanks to this software upgrade, you can control Panasonic's PTZ camera with the KAIROS controller or the SLIDEYE 2.0 software.

Thanks to the unique architecture of the SLIDELINK v3.0 communication module, you can build a set of devices, which contains a Panasonic's PTZ head and a Slidekamera slider, and use all drives in perfect sync, using only one controller.
We recommend using the Ethernet-enabled PSU 320E Power Supply Unit. This solution gives you the easiest connection and cleanest cable management.

You can work with the remote head in Live mode or use KAIROS to access presets of all parameters. Keyframes and motion paths designed with the KAIROS controller also works with other SLIDEKAMERA axes connected to the controller, making the system coherent and easy to use.

Camera and Controller NOT included