Multi Slider

Developed by professional cameramen, the patented Multi Slider system enables linear and curve camera tracks with one device. Within seconds the Multislider can be changed from a linear to a curve slider at any demanded radius. The regular Multi Slider is ideal for time lapse, nature filming, product shots and much more. The standard sizes include 80 cm, 120 cm and 150 cm but you can order any lenght you need.

MS Swift

A high-speed and silent motor combined with an advancend motion control makes the MS SWIFT the ideal solution for many applications, starting from interviews to automated photo booths or event installations. Marketing agencies discover new possiblities to create professional and creative content in real time.


High load capacity for big film equipment, maximum stability and a high-speed motor are combined in our new MS XL. The DMX & IP capable XL Motion Controller makes it easy to integrate the system into stage setups. The MS XL is the preferred joice for all professional track needs: on stage, in studios, on film sets or at sport events. The patented system allows an easy and quick set up and curves of every desired radius.


Joysticks, Pedals, Cables, Control Units, Stands, Boxes and much more. Here you’ll find everything you need for your Multi Slider System. We are open to custom made solutions: so if there’s something you are missing – contact us and tell us what you need.

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