Ultra Flexible Track solutions

From stand-alone bendable Sliders to fully integratable Rail Systems for Events and Studios


Developed by professional cameramen, the patented Multi Slider can be changed from a linear to a curved slider within seconds. Thanks to the innovative modular systems it can be ordered at any length and achieve almost any demanded radius.


High-Speed Motor and Carriage with Ball Bearings
Larger Track and Bigger Carriage for Heavy Film Gear
Main Areas of Use
  • Time Lapse
  • Product Shots
  • Outdoor Filming
  • Interviews
  • Photobooth Installations
  • Product Shots
  • Time Lapse
  • Outdoor Filming
  • Events
  • Concerts
  • Studios
  • Automated Photogrammetry
Track Size 70 mm wide, 65 mm high
2.7 in wide, 2.5 in high
70 mm wide, 65 mm high
2.7 in wide, 2.5 in high
140 mm wide, 65 mm high
5.5 in wide, 2.5 in high
Track length Every Length Available Every Length Available Every Length Available
Smallest possible Radius 250 mm / 9.8 in
with 150 cm nearly Circular Effects possible
250 mm / 9.8 in
with 150 cm nearly Circular Effects possible
1000 mm / 39.4 in
with 5 m nearly Circular Effects possible 
Motor Stepper Motor (max. 0.05 m/sec.; 1.9 in/sec.) High-Speed, Silent Brushless DC Motor XL Brushless DC Motor
Control Unit Standard Standard or XL Motion Controller XL Motion Controller
User Interface Smartphone App (Android and iOS) Smartphone App (Android and iOS) or DMX, Joystick or Pedals DMX, Joystick or Pedals
Bearings Glide Bearings Non-Friction Ball Bearings Non-Friction Ball Bearings
Made for DSLR or Compact Cameras DSLR or Compact Cameras PTZ Cameras and Heavy Film Equipment
Load Capacity Horizontal Use up to 3.5 kg up to 4.5 kg up to 15 kg



Find out what others do with our Multi Slider System.

"The bendable MS-XL Rail system from waterbird systems allows us to create new dynamic and creative shots during the concerts, such as Bon Jovi and Metallica. Thanks to the integrated DMX control capability we can run various intimate perspectives directly on stage and close to the artists."

Wolfgang Schram, Director of Video Engineering, PRG Production Resource Group

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