SK KAIROS motion controller


6-axis controller, for a standard setup (slider + remote head + lens motors) or custom configurations.

Keyframes, motion recording, parallax tracking, network protocols and many more.


KAIROS is a multi-axis controller that enables you to work with a fully equipped motion control set. KAIROS enables you to work with up to six axes in real-time. Hardware controllers for all axes allow you to work quickly and precisely.

The aluminium housing keeps the internal components safe and ensures the long and trouble-free operation of the device.

A large joystick perfectly transfers your hand movement to the camera position. Now you can make fluid, well-composed and perfectly synchronised shots.

You can use a 3-axis joystick and large knobs. All axes are configurable, and it's up to you which elements will you use to control your devices.

KAIROS Controller is equipped with eight memory banks for storing a single camera position (a keyframe) or a trajectory (motion path). A single sequence of recorded camera movements can last up to 12 minutes. You can stretch it freely with a "Playback Speed" knob.

With a USB-C port you can easily update the controller's firmware. That enables Slidekamera to constantly upgrade the device, expanding its capabilities for new features, or enabling the controller to work with new devices that are not yet on the market.

You can use different connections to build your motion control setup, depending on the requirements of the studio, specification of a particular shot or your personal preferences.

The easiest way is to attach the device directly, by wire, to your motion gear. We recommend connecting the controller into the Power Supply Unit, equipped in the appropriate port. This way, you will daisy-chain all your devices with only one cable that carries power and data.

For large distances, KAIROS offers an Ethernet connection. Using network infrastructure, you can operate devices in remote locations - e.g. use the gear in the studio from the control room. Furthermore, you can access all sets connected to the same network with only one controller.

If you need creative freedom and flexibility, you can use Wi-Fi as the network connection. It will allow you to connect to your local network or work directly with compatible devices (equipped with a SLIDELINK v3.0 network adapter).

Sets equipped with an optional network module (SLIDELINK v3.0) can use Ethernet or Wi-Fi to connect to your local network or establish a wireless hotspot for connecting the controller - that may be the KAIROS or a PC with a DRAGONFRAME software or the SLIDEKAMERA's SLIDEYE 2.0 app.

You need only one SLIDELINK v3.0 for your set. Therefore we recommend using the one integrated into the PSU320E Power Adapter, as it gives you the cleanest and neatest wire connection. But for specific use cases, such as remote setups on large distances or using the head with a separate controller for the second operator, you may consider an additional network adapter for your head.


  • KAIROS 2 - multi-axis controller
  • mini-LEMO control cable
  • 3m RJ-45 network cable
  • 3m USB-C charger
  • Wi-Fi antenna
  • transport case for the KAIROS 2 controller