Sony© FR7 Power Supply Adapter


Power Adapter to Supply the Sony® ILME-FR7 PTZ camera from the MS XL mkII carriage


Adapter to supply the Sony® ILME-FR7 PTZ camera from our MS XL mark II dolly or any other 24V system.

Input: 4-pole XLR  24 to 48 Vdc (Pin1: GND, Pin4: +24-48V)

Output: 1 meter cable with DC barrel Jack, matching to ILME-FR7 , 19,5Vdc 4A max.

Features: Wide input range, short circuit protection, wrong polarity protection, low EMC emissions according EN55032 Class B

Included with the power adapter is a 1 meter 4-pole XLR cable for connecting the power adapter to the dolly or to a 24V power supply.