MS XL mkII 200


FLEXIBILITY, SILENCENESS and SMOOTHNESS in a single slider system.

Configure any length and curve you need for your dedicated application or customer needs.

Base System of MS XL mkII including 2 meters of MS XL TRACK, BLDC MOTORIZED CARRIAGE with XL Motion Controller and TRACK FINISHERS, extend the length with MS XL TRACKs

For best system stability we recommend the MS XL STANDS which include the MS SPIGOT MOUNTING ADAPTER.

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The MS XL was built to satisfy the need fur user configurable curves and changeable length, with one simple system.

The Track segments have an axis distance of 15 centimeters, so you can configure any length on this basis. Tracks either straight or curved or from straight into any curve are now on your choice, configure it however you like within minutes.

The Patented System, with 15cm rail distance three times as wide as the Multi Slider or MS SWIFT, comes with a strong BLDC motor for a high load capacity, whisper silent and smooth movements. The XL Motion controller offers IP, DMX and Bluetooth connectivity.


The modular system of the MS XL allows an easy transport and quick setup. The track can be divided into small segments that are connected with screws and the rails can be rolled up for transport.


Each segment of the MS XL has a 3/8″-16 mounting port on the bottom for tripod mounting to ensure highest stability while the carriage is moving. Mounting port distance is 15 cm.


The XL Motion Controller with IP, DMX and Bluetooth connectivity allows integration into any system. Joystick or Pedal control in combination with our HMI unit or PHOENIX controller.